12" Solar Powered Sign Light

• Securely attaches to signpost with 3M™ Command™ Outdoor Strips (included)
• Great for use with colonial posts, metal frames, and more!
• Compatible with signs larger than 12 inches wide
• Solar powered with automatic shut off
• Damage free and easy to install
• Weight: 6.9 ounces
Signs and signposts sold separately


What is MySignShine?

An automatic solar-powered sign light. Simply turn it on and attach it to any type of sign. When the sun sets in the evening, MySignShine will automatically activate and the LED lights will come alive and stay lit for hours. In the morning, the daylight sensor will automatically shut down MySignShine and the unit will begin recharging for the next evening.


Will it work on an extra wide sign?

For sure! Each MySignShine is 12-inches long. To light up an extra wide sign, place multiple units side by side. We suggest leaving two inches between each unit. For example, to light an 8' x 4' sign, we recommend using a total of seven MySignShine's to evenly cover the entire area with light.


Why do I need to light up my sign at night?

At night, your sign does nothing for you. A large segment of the public will leave their home in the dark early morning hours and then return after the sun has set. This segment increases exponentially during the fall and winter months when the sun sets around 4:30 p.m. throughout the country. With MySignShine, your sign will be noticed day and night.


Is a sign light legal to use in all areas?

MySignShine is not a spotlight, it does not flash and it does not change colors. It casts a gentle glow over the face of the sign which complies with the Department of Transportation, city ordinances, and most homeowners associations.


How often do the batteries need to be changed?

Never. MySignShine contains a self-charging lithium-ion battery. In the morning, the daylight sensor will automatically shut down MySignShine and the unit will begin recharging for the next evening.


What about inclement weather such as rain and snow?

MySignShine is a solar-powered device that gets its power from the sun. In the event that during the day direct sunlight does not come in contact with the solar cells located on the top of the unit, the overall light output for that evening will be adversely affected. This is standard for all solar-powered devices.


What are the actual dimensions of the unit?

Each MySignShine is 12-inches long, 1-inch tall, and 1.25-inches wide.


Is MySignShine easy to install?

Each MySignShine arrives with 3M™ Command™ Outdoor Strips attached. Before installing, be sure the surface that you are attaching to is clean, flat, and dry. Simply peel the backer film away from the 3M™ Command™ Strips to expose their adhesive and press and hold firmly in place for 30 seconds. That’s it! MySignShine is now secure and fully functioning.


What about theft?

If your desired location is susceptible to theft, it may be better to install the unit with screws or plastic zip ties (sold separately) which require a tool to remove.


How do I turn MySignShine on?

Each MySignShine comes partially charged from our factory and ready to use. On the bottom side of the light, you will find a weatherproof toggle switch. Before installing the light, slide the switch from "Storage Mode" to "Active Mode." If you are in a well-lit area, the light will NOT turn on. This is because the solar panel on the top of each unit contains a daylight sensor. To test your device, cover the sensor (or move to a dark location) and the lights will instantly turn on.


Can I reuse MySignShine?

You sure can! When moving to another location, hold MySignShine firmly while pulling each 3M™ Command™ Outdoor Strip straight down. Never pull the strip towards you. The strip will stretch a few inches and then release. MySignShine comes with one set of 3M™ Command™ Strips attached. To attach the light to another sign, you will need to purchase additional 3M™ Command™ Outdoor Refill Strips which are available online and at most big box stores.